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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2016


As the spring, president Barack Obama, will arrive at La Habana 21 march. Is the most expected event:  the eyes of  the most powerful countries even the less underdeveloped countries will be on the next meeting between Obama with the old and decadent political regime of Castro brothers.

The economic structure in Cuba is also ossified,  the newest fresh air cause the welcome back between the diplomatic relationships between  USA-Cuba after decades of ice hostilities becomes a bigger opportunity to put the isle in democracy and economic competitiviness.

For cubans opens a wide window to get a better life in freedom to be owners  to use its  own creativity (not  only the body) to earn money. 

President Obama (i don´t know why) with his special stubborn in this case, the thaw with Cuba has giving a terrific chance to Castro regime  one that lives as a dictatorship to becomes a democracy; Obama  saves a place in the History principally for Fidel.

The patriarch of social cuban revolution now can dead in  peace. 


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