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martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

The evil seed

¿Who made this mess? In fact the main question is not who is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, is which forces are behind them. If we analyze the historic cycles of the economy and also the history all this ups and downs we can know that there is a big opportunity for having success all kind people with Trump´s personality. Inside the USA or outside in main, strong countries with a great leadership. 

 This cycle was opened in Europe  besides the Great Depression that was born in the USA and had in Germany with Hitler it´s epitome.

Now unfortunately we are living the same cycle so we can expect the worst: a Trump in the White House or another like him running to get the politic power in Europe, it will happen soon.  Because there are so many anger people affected by the economic downturn, skeptical and hating everyone. The hate is a powerful force as frustration and ambition. 

The evil seed is growing...

Claudia Luna Palencia is economist, journalist and writer

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